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Midwest Masters Series – final results!

A great weekend of magic finished up Sunday night after a 201 player PTQ at Misty Mountain Games in Madison. I had not expected more than 170-180 top side so we were a little tight in the space. the players were all awesome though and we muddled through. I guess that means I won’t be trying to put another PTQ in that space again. We had been getting consistently 150s for PTQs when I ran them OUTSIDE the store in madison, so I thought we’d be allright being back to back with the MMS. boy was I wrong! thanks to all for coming out to the MMS, which had 218 players and SO many stayed for day 2 of the action!

The MMS finished up pretty early, around 7:30pm when the top 4 split the remaining prize and headed home. Following is a list of the T8 decklists placed in order after swiss, but noting 1/4th or 5/8th, 5/8th meaning they lost their quarter final match.

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PTQ San Juan – Minneapolis update!

T8 is under way:

Rank Name Points OMW% PGW% OGW% P/W/D/B
1 Hink, Stephan 21 57.0833 70 54.9614 8/7/0/0
2 Lies, William 20 65.8333 70.5882 65.5279 8/6/2/0
3 Sullivan, Adrian 20 64.3601 85.7143 61.8288 8/6/2/0
4 Tickal, Matthew 19 65 80 61.2025 8/6/1/0
5 Beltz, James 19 63.8244 80 61.1125 8/6/1/0
6 Wesley, Alan 19 62.2917 70.5882 58.6173 8/6/1/0
7 Moore, Rob 19 56.7708 72.2222 53.1234 8/6/1/0
8 Bylander, Jeremy 18 60.7292 73.6842 57.6999 8/6/0/0

T4 is:

Stephen Hink vs James Beltz

Adrian Sullivan vs Rob Moore

T2 was:

Stephen Hink defeating Rob Moore

PTQ San Juan – Minneapolis

136 players today in Burnsville @ Misty mountain North. A little under my hope of 150 but… the weather dudes are all telling people to stay in. expected hi temperature today: -2 (not even counting windchill!). Thanks to all who braved the elements! gerry T even put in an appearance… despite having quit the game. Punted his first match and is headed off to canterbury to play some poker. GG, Gerry T, GG.