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Back at it!


What a couple crazy weeks!

Lindsey and I got back from the MC2 cruise and were home just about long enough to wash our clothes, respond to the critical emails that had piled up then off we went to Pro Tour San Diego!

MC2 was an ENORMOUS amount of fun! Check out Evan Erwin’s Magic show! MC3 reservations are open on the MC3 page under the magic header. We’ve already got a bunch of people signed up for it and spots WILL be limited. I’ve spoken with Brian Kibler about coming aboard to be our VIP and he’s said as long as a PT isn’t scheduled on top of the event (which I’ve gotten assurances there won’t be!) He’d be delighted to come! We should have that locked up in the next couple of weeks!

PT San Diego was a great show with lots of folks showing up. We blew the last PT San Diego out of the water for attendance at Public Events. Despite the good sized crowds, it was among the smoothest events ever! Thanks to all the judge crew and operations staff who worked so hard to show the players a great time!

Next up for us is the Midwest Masters Series event in minneapolis. TCG player.com is sending the GGs live crew out for some great video and event reports.

We’ll have some great vendors onsite buying and selling and trading with you:

Gaming etc

Lotus Vault

the one and only, Dan Bock

So join us for Legion events first of 3 events in the Midwest Masters Series where you can win your share in over $4000 worth of cash and prizes, a free Gen Con 2010 Pass and your invitation to play for $10,000 in cash for the MMS finale AT Gen Con 2010 in Indianapolis!

We’re also gearing up for our first in the Wizard World Comic Con series of gaming events with our first event in Toronto the last week of March (the 26th – 28th). The Wizard World home page has all the details which include special guest appearances by dozens of artists, and actors… Eliza Dushku? yes, please, thanks!

The next Wizard Comic Con will be in Anaheim California mid April and will feature an MtG: Rise of Eldrazi Prerelease, increased Yu-Gi-Oh! events and as much other stuff as we can shove into it!