Magic Cruise #3, MC3!

hey there!

It is my pleasure to announce the next Magic Cruise! we’re about to embark on MC2 in just a few short days, but I’ve already got next years worked out so why not spoil it!

Evan Erwin is going to join us again (I don’t think you could keep him away!) and be sure to check the Magic show in upcoming weeks for his Cruise summary show. I’ve got some feelers out for other VIPs to join us on the cruise, and I’m sure we’ll bring someone fantastic!

the basic cruise information and important dates are posted now on the MC3 page now, expect updates including Cruise Qualifier locations and Tournament Package prices once we return from MC2!


10 thoughts on “Magic Cruise #3, MC3!”

  1. all teh pricing info for reserving rooms is on the MC3 page linked in this post or you can find it by clicking the “magic” heading, then MC3.

    Tournament package options are not yet listed, but those who reserve first will be given first option on the tournament packages when they do go live. I expect to mirror the MC2 package where the bottom end will be $99 for a tournament package which will include 5 tournaments and a draft set. More expensive packages will be included and will include things like t-shirts and other items.

    Tournament packages will be restricted to a total of 60.

  2. Thanks for the info about the tournament package options. I already looked at the MC3 page though and reviewed the pricing info, but what I couldnt figure out is who I pay to reserve the room because the website doesn’t say?? The website just lists the prices for reserving but doesnt say what method of payment, or who you pay it too. Do I send a money order, send through pay pal, or credit card and who do I give my deposit to?
    Please let me know. Thanks for your help!

  3. oh weird! she’s usually awesome about getting back to people! maybe it got spammed? :/

    I put her phone number up on th site now: 605-339-8911 either give her a call or send me ( the email you sent to her and I’ll forward it on and make sure she gets back to you!


  4. Hi Steve,
    It seems like there are significantly better rates available to someone who is willing to pre-pay up front on the Carnival website. Are we required to book through All About Travel? It seems they are charging the “book at the last possible moment” rate.

    1. yes you are required to book through all about travel. something else to consider when you’re shopping rates is that all teh sites quote you without taxes and fees… which are significant. for instance port fees can be as much as $150 per person and those are not included on the prices carnival advertises. it is possible that you could find a slightly better deal after taxes, but a significant part of how we pay to have our VIPs on board is through credits earned by booking guests. shockingly, I have to pay for the VIP to cruise as well, and often there is travel and before/after hotel to plan on. Third year doing this, and I still haven’t made money… so don’t worry that I’m trying to pull something over. I’m doing it because I think it’s a great idea and it’s a ton of fun.

      thanks for the question!


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