Matthias Hunt wins PTQ Paris

The Magic PTQ for Pro Tour Paris in Madison WI yesterday saw 189 competitors battle for the trip to the first ever GP/PT Combo in Paris next February. Matthias Hunt came out on top after a handful of near misses at other PTQs around the midwest.

He came, he saw, he ground it out. Going into Game 3 it looked like he was going to near miss again but he pulled control away from his opponent Adam Whitlock and soon had Adam extending his hand in congratulations.

Good job, Matthias!


7 thoughts on “Matthias Hunt wins PTQ Paris”

  1. I was 5-1-1 going into round 8 against Matthias (same record.) He took me down on his path to victory. =) I finished 22nd. Only 4 packs prize for the 16 point finish – boohiss! 🙂

  2. Talk about awful judging at this event. They give my opponent a game loss for stalling. Then after ten minutes, they call us back to play a game and give us a 8 minute extension. While playing the judge is whispering next to me how I am going to get a warning or game loss for bad sportsmanship. All I was doing was telling the judge that I felt we deserved more time. Of course, in the hurry and noise of the judge, I make a play mistake. After the match, the judge made a condescending remark and then walked off without allowing me to sign the match slip. I had to yell judge three times to get his attention to drop me from the tournament. It is a shame that three judges would not even allow me to finish a sentence, even after I asked them to let me explain the situation. Worst judging I have experienced in a while. Legion Events definitely lost a PTQ’er

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