New sleeves are ready for sale!

When the freight company told me I was going to have to wait till monday or tuesday to get the new shipment of supplies, I rented a ryder straight truck, grabbed Matt Danner, and shot down to the chicago shipping clearing house to pick up my order. We got back to the ACD warehouse at 6pm, slammed a few orders onto the UPS truck by 6:45 and the rest will ship on monday. That means those of you who have stores who are waiting for these products, they’re finally on the way!

There’s a restock on Bacon, Camo and Ascension 50 packs, plus a reprinting of RTFC sleeves which are going into the distribution channel for the first time. Plus the new designs of Zombies, Coffee, Pink and Blue Camo and my personal favorite: PURE JANK!

You can buy direct here at Legion Supplies, or ask your favorite hobby shop! Our products are carried by the biggest hobby channel distributors in the country and a handful of others, so chances are your store works with them and can get them in, just ask for them!

Elder Dragon Vaults plus new Bacon and updated RTFC Deckboxes are being shipped right now, and we should see those products in approximately 4 weeks!


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