GP KC Event info updated

I’ve updated the side events (they’re all open to the public, so calling them public events, just seems silly!) and a bit of other information including details about the Longbox we’re giving away to every player in every side event we run (while supplies last, but I got a LOT of them!)

Check out the page HERE

3 thoughts on “GP KC Event info updated”

  1. No Commander/EDH side events? Isn’t that weekend the Commander release weekend? I think that at least one side event for this format would be well received.

    1. You are absolutely right. that was an oversight on my part. I intended to run casual EDH pods on demand… but I should put together some sort of bigger something. I’ll work that up and get it posted/updated by the end of the week.

  2. I plan on being at GP KC. Is there going to be release events for commander at this event? Or will players just be missing out by choosing to go to the GP?

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