GP KC, Gen Con and YOU!

Make sure you come visit us at Grand Prix Kansas City for your shot at free Gen Con passes! We’ll be hosting a Midwest Masters Series on Saturday afternoon for those of you who’d rather play standard. The top 8 of that event each qualify for the $10k Championship at Gen COn PLUS they get FREE 4 day Gen Con passes PLUS the top 2 are qualified for the $75k championship at Wizard World Chicago the following week.

In Addition to passes through the MMS, if you get paired up throughout the weekend against Gen Con’s Scott Elliott you’ll earn a free badge to Gen Con as well!

I’ll have a complete lineup of all things made by Legion Supplies as well, so if you’re having trouble finding them in your local area, come to KC and pick up those Zombie sleeves or that Elder Dragon Vault box you’ve been looking for! The EDVs I have will be in VERY short supply, the run is a complete sellout to distribution at this point, except for the small amount I kept back for GPKC and Gen Con!

Just over 2 weeks left till GP KC, make sure you book your rooms soon or you could miss out!

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