MC5 Announcement!

Legion Events is excited to announce an amazing VIP for MC5!

Join us on MC5, and test your skills against The Great One! Bob Maher, and his wife, will be cruising with us in January on their first Magic Cruise. Play in tournaments alongside this Magic: the Gathering legend, and one lucky cruiser will get to partner with Bob to play 2HG!

Sign up now, as the cruise is fast approaching! Email with any questions.

2 thoughts on “MC5 Announcement!”

  1. To Whomever is reading this,

    My name is Ben Jabin. I’m a high school student who has been playing magic since Zendikar and has participated much in the past couple years on the competitive magic scene. I’ve always been curious about the Magic Cruise and would greatly appreciate any information on you have to offer seeing as I have searched for a long time with little to no success. Some of my big questions include the cruise’s stops, if any amount of points must have been collected to join the cruise, as well as dates and fees. Thank you for taking the time to read this and respond!

    ~Ben Jabin

    1. Hi Ben. the basic info is all over on the Magic Cruise page. We should be getting a lot of updates done to it in the coming days as we’ll have event packages live to purchase in december. There is a link on the Cruise page that takes you to carnivals page for the specific cruise we are doing and that has all the info on where it’s stopping and other items directly from carnival. Nothing specifically qualifies you for this event. All you need to do is buy your cruise ticket and sign up for the events once that info goes live! (Event packages are around $100 and include several sealed deck events, drafts and such)

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