Artist updates for San Antonio and Denver

I can confirm that Clint Cearley will be on site at Grand Pix San Antonio November 23rd-25th, you can find a list of his stuff on gatherer here.  That puts us at 3 artists, 2 “young guns” with Clint plus Lucas Graciano and the “Grizzled Veteran, Richard Kane Ferguson.  This will be Richard’s first MTG appearance in a very long time.  He was scheduled tobe with us in Minneapolis last spring, but a family emergency kept him home.  He’s back on course now and “making it up” to us by coming to Texas!

Coming up January 4th-6th at GP Denver, we’ll host 3 awesome artists:  Dan Frazier, Steve Argyle and Chris Rahn!

I’m very excited for our artist lineups for these events! Should be lots of fun!

Look for more updates for Denver in the coming weeks. I’m waiting on a few details from HQ to finalize the side event schedule

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