#GPDFW Wrap up, Refunds, and thanks

#GPDFW is in the books.

First Order of business: cancellations and credits

Since many folks coming to this page are looking for information on their cancellations/refunds, I am beginning to process those tonight from the hotel where I am currently stranded near the DFW airport. I will get as many done today as I can, I hope to have them all completed by Wednesday.  Please be patient and I will get them all out and processed as quickly as I can!

Next up: How awesome you are

This event had an obviously rough start. We heard countless stories about massively long drives, missed flights, getting stuck in ditches and being helped by strangers… 1 story of someone who had their car totaled in an accident 🙁  I said in the player meeting how awed I am at the level of commitment so many players had to make this drive in this awful weather. People were streaming in at the last minute, or emailing their regrets for cancelaitons and refunds. so many of the cancellation requests came with a note along the lines of “I can’t tell you how sad I am to say I am not coming”.  When the weather was announced, we decided we’d stick it out and play for the people who were around and had come in to play. I’m very glad we did.

Everyone seemed to have a fantastic time. Lots of great stories shared with me, shared with my staff. Narrow misses, and amazing triumphs. It was a weekend like no other I can remember.

I’ve failed to get home at this point as my flight has been delayed, my staff have all made it out (the ones that made it to DFW in the first place, many didn’t). It’s pretty easy in my currently exhausted state to focus on the negative. how I can’t get home to my daughter, sleep in my own bed, take a couple days and just… relax from the past month and a half of crazy busy I’ve had. But I think instead I’ll focus on the stories that inspire me, and remind me why we all play this game and come together for these events.  For every story I heard this weekend about someone being a jerk and having an issue, I heard 15 about something awesome.

Thank you all for making this event great.

Steve, Lindsey and the rest of the Legion Events Team

4 thoughts on “#GPDFW Wrap up, Refunds, and thanks”

  1. Thanks again for putting on an awesome event as always, guys. Looking forward to working with you guys again soon. 🙂

  2. I had the best experience I’ve had in my Magic-playing career this weekend. Not only was the event my best ever finish, all of Dallas being frozen over was the key reason that my group of friends had an incredible, memorable, crazy, hilarious night out on Saturday. Thank you for organizing the event and keeping it going throughout all of the challenges.

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