#GPDFW refunds update

well after consolidating the check in sheets from the weekend (6 different sheets, transferred all check ins to 1 sheet) I have started processing refunds (at last!) it’s taking me approximately 3-4 minutes per refund at this point. get the cancel request, check to make sure that player did not check in on Friday to get the playmat/promo or play in the event on Saturday (beyond a round 1 no show drop, some are going to be IN the beginning of the event but never actually played). then go through a series of 6 pages on paypal after I’ve searched for the transaction id on gmail.

Why am I telling this to all of you?  So you can see it’s going to take a LONG time to get through these. event longer than I thought.  I think I have about 200 total to do. at 3 minutes each that’s 10 hours of work. It will take me well into tomorrow to get this done, assuming nothing else interrupts.

I really appreciate the patience (most of) you have shown so far. thanks! and just a little longer and I’ll get you the $$!!!




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