Introducing PlanesTalkers #GPMINN

Greetings all,

Adrian Sullivan recently posted an update in his article about this, which means it is time to unveil something great happening at GP Minneapolis:

Be at Grand Prix Minneapolis for the first show in a new feature you’ll be seeing at participating Grand Prix!

Planes Talkers, Hosted by Adrian Sullivan will be your chance to see some of the great minds from the game of Magic: The Gathering talking to our live audience about the current tournament format and taking questions! Watch the discussion streaming live on Twitch. We’ll be taking questions from both our live audience and Twitter.

Since Grand Prix Minneapolis is the Modern format, this Planes Talkers will be exclusively about Modern!

Our panel will be composed of:

Brian Kibler – two-time Pro Tour champion, Hall of Fame member, and Dragon Master

Craig Wescoe – champion, Pro Tour Dragon’s Maze

Shaun McLaren – champion of the most recent Modern Pro Tour, Pro Tour Born of the Gods

Toby Elliott – Head Judge, Level 5 responsible for tournament policy, and Commander Rules Committee member

The event begins Friday, May 9th at 8pm CST. We’ll see you at Grand Prix Minneapolis for Planes Talkers!


You can sign up for GP Minneapolis through our Preregistration Site – you don’t need to be a GP attendee to attend Planestalkers.  If you want to attend and play some Magic, but for some reason don’t want to or can’t play in our main event, check out our side events.  We have Legacy and Modern Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and a ton of other stuff to do.

See you at the GP!

6 thoughts on “Introducing PlanesTalkers #GPMINN”

    1. Hi Zach, the video should be watchable from our twitch account history. There were a few transmission drops that made it separate so its in a couple pieces. We need to edit it a bit,but we’ll try to get it up for people to watch soon!


      1. Actually, I failed to set Twitch to keep a recording – I am seeing what I can do to stitch these together and put them on Youtube, I will post once I have something done.

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