GP Minneapolis Online Preregistration Contest #GPMINN

Greetings all,

Just about a week to GP Minneapolis, and we have 367 people preregistered. This is a pretty reasonable number for this far out, but I want to get the numbers rolling higher.  That means preregistration bonuses.  Note that these apply only to online preregistrations, which close at 10pm on Friday May 9th.  Onsite registration will be available Friday May 9th from 2pm-10pm, but do not qualify for this contest.

When the 500th person preregisters online, We will choose one preregistered player to have the cost of their entry refunded – this includes Sleep-in Special or the VIP package if you paid for it! If you are the winner, I’ll announce it here and refund your Paypal transaction, but keep you live in the event. (You will also get a confirmation email from me at the email you register with, which also applies to all the winners below.)

At 1000 online preregistrations a second player will have entry refunded and will also get $40 of free side events – these will be in the form of $10 off coupons, so you can trade them to friends.

At 1500 online preregistrations, a  third randomly chosen player will have the cost of their entry refunded, and will get a booster box of Journey into Nyx.  Like the side event coupons, this can be picked up on-site with your playmat and foil.

If we get to 2000 online preregistrations, a fourth player will get their entry refunded, will receive a booster box of Journey into Nyx, and will receive a free VIP upgrade – we are currently sold out of VIP slots, so the only way to get VIP now is to either be the 2000th online preregistration or win the VIP Dinner “Standard” Sealed.

You can preregister for GP Minneapolis through our preregistration site.

See you at GP Minneapolis!

Edit from Rob:  This previously said the 500th, 1000th, etc players will get the free entries and other bonuses – I posted this prematurely, and it should have read the above, that we will choose a player out of the players registered at that point.  The overall prizes still stand, but now we are drawing out of all the people registered up to that point.  My apologies for the error.

Rob McKenzie
Event Manager, Legion Events

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