GP San Antonio VIP Package #GPSanAntonio

Greetings all,

GP San Antonio is coming up in a little less than three weeks, and we still have some VIP slots left open.

This GP, our VIP package is a bit better than prior GPs.  This time around, you get:

  • Sleep-in Special (if you have byes).  The cost of the Sleep-in Special is included in the VIP package.
  • Access to the VIP Lounge.  This room is for VIPs only, and acts as a safe space to store your cards or other things.  It has water service, a charging station, and is across the hall from the main event rooms, so it is quiet.
  • A VIP Concierge.  Alex Lammminen is our VIP Concierge, and he makes sure only VIPs enter the Lounge, does bag checks on your bags, and can get other staff members if there is an issue a VIP needs sorting out.
  • Artist and cosplayer Access.  There will be two different hours on Sunday for artist access.  Exact schedule of which artists are which hours will be posted on Friday at the venue, but on Sunday there will be time you get with our four artists and our cosplayer.  Those artists are Daarken, RK Post, Clint Cearley, and Peter Morbarcher.  Our cosplayer is Christine Sprankle.  You can check out links to their work on our Artist Page.
  • A VIP kit.  I could tell you what is in the kit, but I would rather show you:



  • The kit includes the VIP version of the playmat, a metal water bottle, and first at this GP, a messenger bag.  We only have our sample version of the bag, but the final version will have the GP playmat art on the front – look for a post about that next week when we get it in.  In the bag will be sleeves, a deckbox, and  some snacks to keep you focused at the GP.


As a reminder, normal registration for GP San Antonio is only $40 through this Friday the 14th, and VIP registration is an additional $60.  After the 14th, the main event price increases to $45, and after November 21st main event entry increases to $50.  Register early to save!




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