MC8 Updates

Hey all! As you can probably see, I’ve ACTUALLY gotten some time to give the cruise page some updating and such. I’ve put a tentative schedule up on the website at I will make the plan (and extras like playmats and Tshirts) available on the website starting in December. The Tournament package will be $100 as usual and will include all events (and if you opt out of playing in one of the sealed events, you can get your 6 packs instead) and prizes for the events including TRIVIA NIGHT! woohoo! More details on the various events as we get closer to the Cruise!

I’m working with the Fabulous Lainey Melnick to get the group excursion assigned and I think based on the previous time we were supposed to go to Belize (and didn’t) that a bunch of folks were planning on cave tubing, we could probably have lainey set up another group excursion for those who want to do that as well. She might be able to get us a break going direct to the excursion companies instead of contracting through Carnival.

Interested in that? let me know and we’ll put it together!

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