PTQ Locator!

Hey folks,  the “New” WotC PTQ locator.. well… it kinda sucks. here’s the cool thing though.  Someone found the “regular” sort of page  buried in the site somewhere, and here it is:  Complete PTQ San Juan Schedule.  Thanks to Brian Kowal for being frustrated about it, posting to his facebook, and having one of his friends dig this link up.  woohoo!

5 thoughts on “PTQ Locator!”

  1. the link is the words that say “Complete PTQ San Juan Schedule”. I have to mess with the style sheet for this wordpress template a bit to make the links a little more drastic. until you’ve clicked on them they look like all the other words :/

  2. haha. they changed it. I sent them a long email about why they should go back to this list format.. and in response… they killed the page and put you to the new version. nice. oh well. a few people got access to it. wishing I’d have saved it separately.

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