PTQ San Juan – Minneapolis

136 players today in Burnsville @ Misty mountain North. A little under my hope of 150 but… the weather dudes are all telling people to stay in. expected hi temperature today: -2 (not even counting windchill!). Thanks to all who braved the elements! gerry T even put in an appearance… despite having quit the game. Punted his first match and is headed off to canterbury to play some poker. GG, Gerry T, GG.

2 thoughts on “PTQ San Juan – Minneapolis”

  1. Not the best day for enjoying the outdoors but perfect for Magic. My car was a bit sluggish – hopefully no one had problems getting out there in the cold. Can you give us an update on the top 8?

    1. heh. My car is awesome and even IT was a little cranky about rolling out this AM. I’ll throw a T8 update up her ein a min.. about to go to semis…

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