GP Minneapolis Artist Interview – RK Post

You know what GP Minneapolis has?

Some great artists.  You may have heard of them – they are RK Post, Marco Nelor, and Tom Baxa

I’ve been chatting with these artists for the last week, and I am going to be posting some short bio and interview information about them over the coming days.

Let’s start with RK Post.


Rob: You’ve done a lot of Magic art. (For the readers, you can see all that art here.) What piece do you think is under appreciated?

RK: (I will have a visual card list at the event, with all the promos and stuffs too.)
That is a tough question. There are pieces that I like, but the play value really isn’t there. At the end of the day, most players will value a card if it has playability. So, just for giggles…Avatar of Hope. Not the best of Avatars, but I liked the art best of the five.

rkpost_02_LRRob: What is your favorite Magic art to sign or alter?

RK: For giggles, I number all of the Burning Earths I get. I am up to almost 1800. Ichorids are always fun to alter.

RobDo you have any great stories about Magic events you have attended?

RK: Hahahah! I have done so many events over the years, that what some people call crazy isn’t so crazy any more. Ok…quick one. I signed a guy’s butt at two separate occasions in Mexico. It was hairy.

RobIs there anything you really want to sign or alter at GP Minneapolis that you have not had the chance to yet?

RK: I have a similar answer to the question above. I am amazed that people will always come up with things I haven’t thought of or encountered yet. 😉

RobAre there any non-Magic things you are bringing to the GP that you want to tell people about? (Or not bringing to the GP and want to plug?)

RK: I bring it all…two sizes of prints, dice bags, playmats, lovely Legion sleeves and boxes, some pencil art, me, stuff I do….Unmask.jpg

RobHow did you get into doing Magic art?

RK: I was a staff illustrator with TSR…WotC bought TSR…I came along for the ride!

RobDo you do traditional paints, or digital, or a mix of the two? If you have done both, which do you prefer and why?

RK: I’ve done all three. I didn’t have a place to paint for years. I am correcting that now.



Thanks tons, RK.

You can see more art by RK, and order prints from him directly at – that is, unless you want to catch him at the GP.  You can preregister for GP Minneapolis here.


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