GP Minneapolis Artist Interview – Marco Nelor #GPMINN

GP Minneapolis is drawing closer.  You know who else is drawing closer?  Marco Nelor, one of our featured artists.  (The other two are RK Post and Tom Baxa.)

I had the privilege of interviewing Marco Nelor for this GP, which happens to be the first GP he is attending as an artist.  Check it out:


Rob: You’ve done a lot of Magic art.  (For the readers, you can see all that art here.)  What piece do you think is under appreciated?

Marco: Burst of Strength, of course! No one showed any love for my pumped up chicken! 

mm230_4_0q2jq8e13nRobWhat is your favorite Magic art to sign or alter?
Marco: I love doing signs on the Frilled Oculus! the lil guy always gets a googly eye over his regular eye, or some cool shoes , haha. 

RobDo you have any great stories about Magic events you have attended?
Marco: Sadly, I haven’t done any other events yet! 

RobIs there anything you really want to sign or alter at GP Minneapolis that you have not had the chance to yet?
Marco: I’m fairly new to magic, so really, anything would be cool. I’m just looking forward to meeting new people 🙂 

RobAre there any non-Magic things you are bringing to the GP that you want to tell people about?  (Or not bringing to the GP and want to plug?)
Marco: Currently, this year, there’s a lot in development. Maybe at the next GP, ill be able to show some stuff! But for now, ill just be bringing a few prints and original sketches 🙂 

Rob: How did you get into doing Magic art?arc1301_tangle
Marco: I first got into magic cards by bugging and bugging and bugging the directors, constantly showing them my new stuff until they felt I was “ready” for my first card.  It was a lot of fun, but a lot of hard work!

RobDo you do traditional paints, or digital, or a mix of the two?  If you have done both, which do you prefer and why?
Marco: I do digital paints for my magic cards. I’ve always wanted to do them traditionally, but I just haven’t had the guts yet. Coming up soon, however, are some cards that I did in pencil first, and let the pencil show through the actual work. it feels grittier that way, and I like it. 

Thanks tons, Marco.
Marco will be at GP Minneapolis on May 9th-11th as one of our featured artists.  Catch him there to get prints, signatures, and alters.  You can preregister for GP Minneapolis here.

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