#GPSanAntonio wrap up and looking forward to 2015

I would like to extend another heart felt thank you to the players at GP San Antonio this past weekend. We 1167 players in the main event and another couple hundred just hanging out and enjoying the side events, 4 artists and our sponsored cos player. We did some good work over those first few rounds in advancing the next version of GP tournament software. There were some long rounds early and you all showed incredible patience as we worked hard to get that program the stress test it needed.

I thank you, and I’m sure that wizards and the dev team thank you as well!

I’m looking forward to #GPOmaha in just 5 short weeks. We’ve got 6 artists coming for the first ever GP in Omaha. The playmat for Omaha was done by Dan Scott and I’m happy to announce Dan has agreed to do mats for all of the Legion GPs in 2015! We’ve got a special surprise in the works for the Legion 2015 GP series with a special bonus for you if you attend all 3 (Omaha in January, Oklahoma City in September, and Madison in October). We’ll be officially announcing this one of a kind bonus item in the weeks leading up to Omaha!

Our venue is attached to the block hotel so you can jump easily between the hotel and venue! Registration will open for Omaha very soon!

See you all very soon!


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