Registration for #GPOmaha is live!

Greetings all,

You can now register for GP Omaha, at this shiny button:

Registration Button

And you should ddefinitelypreregister now, before the price goes up.

There are three timeframes for preregistration, each with their own cost:

  • From December 5th through December 19th, preregistration has a $10 discount, making the cost $50.
  • From December 20th through January 2nd, preregistration has a $5 discount, making the cost $55.
  • From January 3rd and on, preregistration (and on-site registration) is not discounted, making the cost $60.

I’ll be posting more about some of the awesome things we are doing at this GP, but to whet your appetite a bit, lets take a look at the artist roll:


Scott-Playmat Miller-Ajani
Nelson-Bruna Nelor-Skinband
Miracola-Wipe-Away Palumbo-Pithing-Needle


And our latest addition, our seventh artist:

Jim Pavelec



See you at GP Omaha!

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